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What is Dapoxetine ?

Dapoxetine is the first active ingredient approved for premature ejaculation in the world with its chemical formula: C21H23NO. It was sold as a Priligy brand. It is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug. Other alternative products for premature ejaculation are creams and sprays. But these products are not preferred because of the numbness of the penis.If oral sexual activity occurs when you use cream and spray products, your partner will be numb in the mouth. The best and ideal pill products. These products, which are very easy to use, allow you to experience long periods of sexual activity.

How is Dapoxetine Working Principle?

Initially, Dapoxetine active ingredient was intended to be produced as an antidepressant drug, but as a result of the tests, it was seen that the ejaculation time was prolonged in men and the market was launched for the problem of premature ejaculation in men…. When Dapoxetine is taken into the body among SSRI drugs, it is rapidly absorbed and shows its effect, which makes Dapoxetine ahead of other drugs for premature ejaculation.

How to Use Dapoxetine?

Dapoxetine active ingredient is produced in 30 mg, 60 mg and 90 mg tablets. The higher the milligram dosage, the longer the duration and effect of staying in the body will increase in direct proportion. Dapoxetine should only be taken 45 and 60 minutes before sexual activity, although other SSRIs are used daily. One of the biggest advantages of Dapoxetine is that it is a product that can be used with alcohol and it will show its effect more if it is taken with alcohol. It is taken orally as 1 tablet on a lightly full stomach. Taking it with plenty of water will allow the product to show its effect early, which is mixed with the blood quickly by the body.